Client Recommendations

Below, please find several statements about me from clients, their family members and others who have observed me at work. These comments give you an indication of my professional and personal reputation.

(Please keep in mind that there are some misspellings in the text. However, I did not want to edit any of the comments).
I was very pleased with the outcome of my case that Jason was able to negotiate for me. It was a better deal than I had hoped for. He spent a lot of time discussing my situation with me during our first meeting and he is very non-judgemental. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone needing legal assistance.

Jephry Medena
Jason Swindle and his team at Swindle Law Group works professionally and diligently to achieve the best possible outcome. He is an experienced attorney that will fight hard no matter how big or small the case. He treats his clients with respect to guarantee quality representation. My experience with Swindle Law Group was nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend his legal services.

A client
Jason did an excellent job in our case. He kept us informed at all times and went out of his way to help us obtain the best possible resolution in our case. He showed a personal interest in our case and I feel that I have gained a friend by knowing Jason Swindle. I would recommend him highly if you are needing a criminal defense attorney.

Denise Nadine
Jason Swindle worked diligently towards the best resolution, all while creating a caring atmosphere and unwavering open dialogue for his clients. We were so lucky to have him on our team fighting for the best outcome. A very knowledgeable attorney that uplifts and represents his clients like they are family.

Stephanie Tanner
This is Stephanie Tanner and I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to work with Cawanna McMichael. She is very professional, courteous, and to be frank has her $hit together. We loved her immediately. She is on top of her game, knew the file front and back, knows the law like the back of her hand and had a game plan together. No wonder your firm is the best there is. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of this situation for my daughter.

Jill Henderson
Swindle Law Group came highly recommended to us and they did not disappoint! Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring manner in which you handled my son's case. The outcome could have been much worse but with your expertise we couldn't be more satisfied with the result.

Loving Mother
"Recently my son was faced with a difficult situation that required a criminal attorney. As a mom, I had to search for help. I asked several people for referrals; not satisfied, I searched the internet for the best criminal attorney's in my area. One of the first to appear was Swindle Law Group. Among all the reviews, I read one from a mother thanking Jason for representing her son and what a great job he did for him. The review was so close to my own situation with my son I knew God had sent me to this website. I had to call Jason Swindle and hope he would be able to represent my son. Jason not only represented my son, but he talked to us both as we were his friends. He explained to us what the consequences could be and what he was going to try to accomplish. He never promised the outcome, but he was certain he could help. The out-come could have been devastating but in the end, it was not. Thank you, Jason Swindle, for carrying for your clients, than you for being a Christian attorney that knows there is a God and HE shows up on time, every time!"

Father of Son Wanting to Serve His Country in the Air Force
ason and his staff were so professional, kind and comforting. No one wants to have a daughter or son to make poor choices. Jason went out of his way and when it was all over I really thought I should pay him more money because he never quit trying to get the best outcome for my child. I highly recommend him and as a christian I really believe that God put him in our path way. He is now a friend and I would give him my highest recommendation. Jason really believes that this is more than a job it is a calling, he really does want to help. I watched him interact with the other clients, each one you could tell that he treated them like a family member. Hopefully you will never need a criminal lawyer but if you do chose him, you will not be disappointed.

JW, A Former Client
Excellent Legal Counsel
Jason is VERY Responsive and took great care of us through the legal process. He is a true professional and I believe his personality has helped him develop great relationships with law enforcement and other legal counsel to achieve the best outcomes for his clients. Would highly recommend him.

A Former Client
Jason is a real professional.  Very responsive at anytime.  I always felt Jason had our best interests at heart and took great care of us through our situation.  He is very patient and understanding as well as respectful and courteous.  I believe Jason's personality allows him to create excellent relationships with other legal counsel and governmental law agencies and judges that helps him achieve excellent and fair results in the courtroom.  I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Jeff, A Former Client Charged in Carroll County
Excellent Criminal Attorney
5.0 stars

Jason is a very fair and conscientious attorney. He knows the law and the system better than most and gets excellent results. I would absolutely hire him again if I needed a criminal attorney. He is one of the best.

C.M, A Former Client Charged With Numerous Offenses During A "Bar Fight"
I can not speak more highly of Jason Swindle. I was unfortunately involved in an incident attempting to defend a family member who was involved in a bar fight and as such was arrested on multiple charges. My wife is also an attorney who does not practice criminal law and spent a great deal of time researching attorneys in the area and came to the conclusion that Jason was the best in town. I called to speak with him and promptly retained him after our initial conversation. At the conclusion of my case, the outcome was as favorable as we could have hoped for and during the entire process he was very open and easy to get in touch with. He responds promptly and helped to keep my mind at ease through what was a very stressful situation.   Furthermore, I was able to spend time watching him in court, interacting with the judge, prosecutor, and other clients, and am very impressed at how he conducts himself. He lived up to the expectations I had for him and I could not be happier with his services. Highly recommended!
Submitted: Oct 25, 2017

Review From a Former Client
Mr. Swindle at Swindle Law Group did an outstanding job on my case. He got the court to throw out my case as well as significantly reduce my speeding ticket. He has fantastic connections and works tirelessly to maximum effort for his clients. I highly recommend Jason Swindle and his associates.

A Former Client Charged With Serious Traffic Offenses
Mr. Swindle of Swindle Law Group did an outstanding job representing me in my traffic court case. He got the court to throw out my driving with suspended license and my speeding fine reduced dramatically. Highly recommend Mr. Swindle.

Gabriel, a Former DUI Client
Mr. swindle was the absolute ideal attorney for me when I found myself in the situation of a dui ,and was afraid of what would happen next in my situation. He was very reassuring in the fact that he would be able to help me in this situation and lighten my charges to what would be easier to handle.he 100% backed up his word with the charges being dropped to a failure to maintain due care I felt beyond blessed for his help and can not recommend him enough. his professionalism in the court room and work place are unmatched by his competitors and I can truly say he will fight for the justice that he wishes for you to receive to the best of his Capacity. Hire this man for any situation that could use a true scholar of the art of law.

Yolanda, a friend of a Douglas County client
A Very Satisfied Client
5.0 stars
Posted by Yolanda
September 7, 2017

The exemplary service that the Swindle Law Firm portrayed towards my fiance and I goes unmatched. My fiance was facing a maximum of 30 years in prison and with the help of Mr. Swindle and Associates he'll be coming home in a year with probation. Mr. Swindle didn't look at my fiance as just a "client" he looked at him has a human being. One who've made mistakes in the past but is ready to leave the past in the past and move forward to a brighter future. Mr. Swindle really believed in my fiance and for this we are grateful.
If you're looking for a Law Firm for yourself or loved one, I would encourage you to set up a consultation with Mr. Swindle and see if he and his great team of Associates are able to help you in the way he helped us.
Sincerely Yours,
The Harpers

Justin, a DUI client
Mr Swindle is an excellent lawyer, with knowledge and experience unmatched. Jason and his colleagues went above and beyond. These men Helped me get the best possible outcome of my situation. With my dui dropped and the outcome I've received There is no doubt That I would hire them again in an instant.

Norma, Mother of a Client
Highly recommeded!
5.0 stars
Posted by Norma
August 6, 2017

Jason Swindle and his team at Swindle Law Group are to come highly recommended. Any time I e-mailed with questions concerning my case, someone from the group would get back with me within 12 hours at the most, and usually much quicker than that. Jason seems to be a man of integrity who cares deeply about the people who come to him for help. He is compassionate and really does go above and beyond to help his clients. He also seems to have a solid relationship with the judicial system. Because of his expertise and hard work, he was able to obtain an outcome for my case that was truly miraculous.

Rebecca, Mother of a Douglas County Client
Exceptional Attorney
5.0 stars
Posted by Rebecca
August 6, 2017

Mr. Swindle was very attentive to the information that I presented him. He was very thorough and prompt to locate the code of law that pertained to the issue at hand and to carefully review it based on the presented violation.
I was pleased to have such a competent attorney and he made feel confident in his ability to represent. His staff was also very attentive and professional.
Mr. Swindle was prompt and successful in obtaining justice in the case I presented to him. I highly recommend Mr. Swindle!
R A Keeter

Anita, a Former Client
Jason Swindle and his team went above and beyond to help me with my case. They were able to help reduce the charge's against me. However it didn't just end there, Jason took time out of his weekends to discuss my case with me. I highly recommend using Swindle law group.

Amy, a Former Criminal Defense Client in Douglas County
Jason Swindle has gone above and beyond anything we could have ever expected out of an attorney. He worked extremely hard and kept us very informed. His hours are not just 8-5 Monday thru Friday. I sent Mr. Swindle an email on a Sunday and was expecting to hear from him on Monday but surprisingly, he called within 20 minutes of me sending the email. He was also going to meet with our family on a Saturday if we had needed him to. You can't go wrong with an honest, hard working attorney and he is a man of his word. Our results are proof of the long hours Mr. Swindle put into our case.

A Former Client Charged With A Misdemeanor
Jason Swindle Sr is a EXCELLENT ATTORNEY, this was the first time I have ever been in any kind of Trouble and I am HAPPY TO SAY Jason went back and forth with the solicitor until all  my charges were dismissed!
IF YOU or a family member or friend need a GREAT LAWYER in the west GA area. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Swindle Law Group.

Sadie, A Former Client in Municipal Court
JASON SWINDLE STARTED His STRATEGY ON our case From the Minute we hired Jason Swindle @ Swindle law group . It was so great knowing he was in our corner and our OUTCOME WAS FANTASTIC ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!

A Former Client Charged With Felony Offenses
Jason is a great guy and a awesome attorney. He really knows his stuff. You can tell he's very knowledgeable about what he does on a day to day basis and is very good at it. Jason was there for me when I needed him and was always focused on what I had to say. He makes the right decisions and knows when to do it when he's ready to go to bat for you. I highly recommend Jason Swindle for an attorney to anyone any day for multiple reasons. I would give him a 10 on ratings because he handled my case just the way I wanted it and got some serious charges dropped. Im very pleased.

Kevin, a former Douglas Co. Client
My name is Kevin. C and I was accused of a felony charge while currently on felony probation from a car accident at risk of a pov and new charges , losing my lively hood, my family and my freedom we as a family found an atty that has faith and fights for "true justice" despite the odds he believed in us, uplifted us and saw us thru a dark storm this man and firm is far beyond just ordinary. This man moved mountains in GOD'S name I can never thank him enough. All my issues were resolved and dismissed. And I am currently able to sleep at home with my family and be a husband a father to our children and sleep comfortably at night thanks to GOD and Jason Swindle law practice

Renee, Mother of a Former Client
My son was facing many years in the system with little hope for release. He was a twenty two year old college graduate facing felony charges and fifteen plus years in lock-up! Attorney Garland and Swindle worked relentlessly with the DA and the judge and my son was released with only a misdemeanor charge! Now he can utilize his degree and be a viable, productive, self-sufficient, self-sustainable young man who is in a position to "give back" what was given to him; another chance. I highly recommend this law firm!

A Former DUI Client
Jason is a great attorney. I set up a consultation with him and described my circumstances. He told me I had a good chance at winning my case. He even allowed me to pay 50% when I hired him and the rest over 3 months. His rate was also half of what I paid for my attorney in Atlanta for my first DUI. Needless to say, a few weeks before my court date the prosecutor decided to dismiss my charges and drop the case. I hope I never need another lawyer, but if I do I know who I will hire again.

A Former Criminal Defense Client
"Jason is truly a great lawyer but even better human being. His unbelievable work ethic coupled with his vast contacts in the legal world, make him an outstanding choice for anyone. We had an outstanding outcome in our case and would not hesitate to recommend Jason and his firm. "

Kimberly, a Former Client Charged With Drug Offenses
"I went to Jason hearing good things around town about him. He tried to get 2 possession charges dropped but bc of the amount there was they were not able to which is understandable. However, I was looking at 6 years felony probation and drug court for 2 years which would have affected my entire family. I only asked that drug court get switched to a different type of requirement. After hanging in there with him and going in worrying the DA would not give me a break. They got me only 3 years probation!!!! Nothing else. I am still in shock and don't know how he did it! So glad I spent the money. Especially after I met with the public defender and he told me not to fight for anything..... Hopefully I am never in need of him again but if I am I will definitely not second guess my decision to use his law firm. "

Ash, a former DUI client
Mr. Swindle and his staff handled my DUI case and ultimately had it dismissed. Throughout the entire legal process; I was well informed by Swindle law firm on the steps I could take and how my case was faring. He is very knowledgeable in all areas of law not just DUI. I would gladly re-hire him. He cares about his clients and his community as a whole! He is FOR THE PEOPLE! He communicates before, during and after the legal process! Charming lawyer. He's worth every penny you pay him.

Renee, Mother of a Young Man Facing a Probation Revocations and New Charges
I highly recommend Jason W. Swindle and Dane Garland the attorneys of Swindle Law Group, P.C. for your legal needs.  Both of these gentleman represented my son in a criminal case and I know without their representation, my son would probably be serving time.  These attorneys went "to bat" for my son and never wavered in their belief that things would work out.  Needless to say, they were right! My son has been given a "second chance" in life!

Ryan, a Client
Swindle law group is a well known and respected firm. I've used them numerous times and never had any issues. The partners in the firm work hard for the clients and try to make the best out of any scenario. In any criminal defense, Swindle law group is the firm I would recommend to anyone.

Parents Of A Young Man Facing Felony Charges
Jason Swindle and Dane Garland represented our son in a very difficult felony case. As parents we were frantic for expert advice and action to solve our son's case. Jason was very knowledgeable and skillful in court. Our son was exonerated of all criminal charges thanks to Jason and Dane.

Mother Of A Former Douglas County Client
When my son was 17 he was arrested for an unfortunate circumstances that happened in high school. Jason Swindle represented him and taught him a life lesson that he would never have learned otherwise. He took the time to educate my young man about the law and ramifications of breaking it and helped him turn his life around. He was more than just a lawyer at that time in his life. I think Jason very much for helping my son open his eyes. He is now in college and doing very well.

"Daniel, A Former Client Charged With a Felony in Douglas County"
Swindle Law Group is a business that stays professional and makes sure that you receive the best defense that can be offered. They will work with you and help you stay at ease while working on your case. You won't be disappointed.

A Former Client Charged With a Felony

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Swindle Law Group for any criminal defense matter. Mr. Swindle represented me in a very serious matter in which I knew I had not done anything wrong. Throughout the process he was very knowledgeable and kept me abreast of happenings. I trusted in his expertise and was able to walk out of the court room with a dismissal. I highly recommend him, he is great at what he does.

Kate, a client with felony charges
Mr. Swindle and Mr. Garland are currently assisting me in a felony case. They have done diligent research and provided me with excellent guidance in this awful situation. They timely answer all my questions personally, listen and give me feedback on my ideas, They have helped me tremendously with the "grey areas" of the legal world. If you are seeking a criminal defense firm that will provide you with the best counsel possible, and has your best interest at hand then Swindle Law Group is the firm you want on your side.

Cary, Husband of a Client in Douglas Co.
We hired Jason to represent us in January of 2015. He was extremely helpful and very responsive to any question we had along the way. He took a real interest in the case and helped us out even after the case was finalized with ongoing questions we had.

Nicole, a client from Coweta Co.
Jason and Dane took my case and did everything in their power to make this horrible thing in my life go smoothly . I recommend Swindle Law Group to everyone that I hear of or that I know that might need a criminal defense lawyer

Laura, a Douglas County Client.
Jason was recommended to me by another attorney. I asked others and all hold him in high regard. He thoroughly researched my case, worked with the local solicitor, and produced an outcome better than I thought possible. In my opinion, you can count on his judgement to be sound and in the best interest of his clients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any friend in need of legal help.

Dan, a Paulding County Client
I hired Jason to represent my fiancee in a 3rd habitual charge, Dane worked his case..He was facing a good bit of jail time and ended up with just about none. There is always good communication with him,even if its 12 am and you are just needing a little confidence. Jason and Dane both made us fill like family. i recommend them to anyone that needs TERRIFIC criminal defense. They go far and beyond to do the best job they can do for you and then some..

A Former Criminal Defense Client
"When I needed someone to help, Jason was there. He guided me through a difficult time. He was very capable as an attorney and provided very good legal advice. Jason was understanding, non-judgmental, and took the time to listen."

A DUI Client
Jason Swindle exemplifies numerous characteristics : personable, respectful, thorough, professional, and he loves The Lord. Jason was recommended to me and he has surpassed my expectations. Jason's hard work and dedication to his clients signifies the passion he has for his profession. Without a doubt, Jason is the one who you want, I highly recommend him!

Mother of a Criminal Defense Client
After several recommendations , I contacted Jason about a family member in need of representation. The first thing he told me to do, was to research other attorneys, as well as himself and make sure he was the attorney we wanted. How classy is that? After hiring him he has gone above and beyond our expectations. He has done exactly what he said he will do and has returned EVERY email and phone call. I highly recommend Jason. Great integrity, great personal relationship, great person!!

Kurtis, a Client with a Felony Probation Revocation

I had a Violation of Probation issue and was facing being violated and doing time, losing my job and maybe my home. Jason Swindle took control of the issue. Not only was I not violated but the remainder of my Probation was removed. This was a huge relief for my wife and kids. couldn't ask for a better Attorney, Thank Jason.

A Criminal Defense Client
After advised to hire Mr. Swindle, I did and that is something I would never regret in my life. Mr. Swindle was very caring and treated me as he would treat his son. He promised to work to keep me out of jail and he definitely kept his word. He fought for my case till the very end and made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. He kept me updated along my process and I cannot thank him enough.

A DUI Client
I've hired Jason several times in the last decade. If you want the best attorney look no further. If you want to go to court with a good attorney ok. If you want to go to court with the best attorney call Jason. He is one of the most thorough, articulate, understanding representation you will ever find.

A Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Swindle is a trustworthy and reliable lawyer. I trusted him with my life and he completely came through for me and my family. I would highly recommend him to anyone need a lawyer in the West Georgia Area.

Mother of a Client Charged With a Serious Violent Felony
Mr. Swindle is a trustworthy and reliable lawyer. I trusted him with my life and he completely came through for me and my family. I would highly recommend him to anyone need a lawyer in the West Georgia Area.

Mother of a Criminal Defense Client
After calling Jason Swindle, and not really expecting a return call, my husband and I were very impressed with the personal service he offered in returning the call himself. We spoke with him for about 30 minutes over the phone and then set up an appointment to meet with him about our son's case. I was so impressed with Jason's personable nature, his willingness to listen to all the details about our son ( personally as well as his charges), we felt he was very upfront and honest with us in regards to the situation our son is facing. He didn't give a list of promises that alot of attorneys would have done to " sell themselves", which went along way with us. We wanted honesty, professionalism, and someone who seemed to care about not only the case but our son as a person. I feel we found it with Jason Swindle. We hired him that night and are confident our son is in very good hands and that Jason will do the very best job possible in resolving these legal issues. We felt hopeful after several months of literally getting the run around by the court appointed attorney assigned to our son's case. My son was very excited to hear that he now has a defense team and my husband and I are excited to have someone we feel has our son's best interest and future at heart. He truly seems to care about " people". Thank you again Jason for agreeing to represent our son, and taking the time to care out his eventual outcome in this situation.

DUI Client
My husband used Jason Swindle for a DUI charge and we were very pleased. We needed assistance in getting his license reinstated, so we contacted Jason and his new associate, Dane Garland, assisted us in this matter. Dane was very attentive to the case and was a calming presence in the courtroom. He is very knowledgeable about the law and had a good rapport with the judge. We would highly recommend him.

Client Charged With Alcohol Offenses
I was cited for Underage Consumption of alcohol and Dane was very attentive and answered any questions I had throughout my entire court process. He was able to get me the very least amount of punishment for the charge. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else.

Mother of a Client
We hired Jason Swindle to represent my 19 year old son with two felony charges. Dane worked on my son's case and actually presented the case to the judge. Dane is very confident and competent in the court room. I highly recommend them both. If it had not been for Jason and Dane working on this together my son could be in prison right now. I can never say enough to thank them both.

Mother Of A Client Charged With A Serious Felony Offense
Mr. Swindle has been a great lawyer for us...He will communicate with you and lets you know what's happening. even when the case is over. I can email him and he awalays get back to me. I believe he is very honest. I would recommend homnro anyone.

David, A Client Charged With Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer
Stop deliberating, Jason Swindle is the lawyer to get. Professional, well-versed in his profession and carries himself impeccably. He took me from facing an up to 20 year sentence, to walking away with probation. He isn't a lawyer, he's THE LAWYER.

Mother of a Criminal Defense Client
Jason swindle definitely loves his job and it shows in the way he represents his clients. He certainly gives his all and keeps his clients best interest first. Thanks to Jason's dedication my sons case was closed with a verdict that not only my son but the entire family was pleased with! Once again thanks so much Jason swindle!

Father of a Criminal Defense Client
Jason and his staff were very informative and cared about our family as clients. He has always responded via email or phone call in a very timely manner answering any questions that we had. He is very experienced in his field of law. We were looking for an attorney with great credentials, experience, and reputation-with Jason we found exactly what we were looking for.

A Mother of a Criminal Defense Client
Jason Swindle

Jason was so great with our son. He was compassionate and always treated him with respect! He was patient with him and me as well! Jason is an awesome attorney and will get the job done! He loves his job and it shows through his hard work. Our son was facing some real time in jail and now has probation only. Thanks Jason!

Margaret, Sister of a Criminal Defense Client
Southern Gentleman that is a force to be recokened with!

I contacted Mr. Swindle about my brothers Felony Charge.Within 3 weeks of attaining Mr. Swindle's services' he was able to get a plea agreement that dropped the felony charge to a misdemeanor and a resolution to this case that was very favorable. With my brothers permission, Mr. Swindle and his very capable assistant Lynn, kept me informed of the proceedings. His fees are both fair and reasonable. If you have a need for an attorney, I suggest you contact Mr. Swindle. I wish I had 2 years ago!

Today my son won a great victory in Superior court. A drug case with a long history of drug addiction with many occasions ending him in jail. This last time I truly was left without any hope for him. I knew he was facing an up hill legal battle that could mean years behind brick and mortar if convicted. One night I was talking to my son in jail and he told me he had heard of an attorney from a cell mate. As he put it, 'a really good one'. That night, I thought well I knew it was going to take a really good one, so I googled Swindle Law and read their web page. Liking what I read, I sent an email that night to Jason explaining my son's criminal history. Being at the point of despair and feeling hopeless, I didn't expect to get a response back. That's when everything changed! I awoke that morning to an email and phone call by 8AM from Jason. I made an appointment...within 72 hours he was hired. Jason gave us hope where we had none. He charged a fair wage. He returned every single call or email I sent the same day. He handle this case like a creative genius. Where 20yrs to do 10yrs turned into time served and a year rehab, I just have to tell you this; Jason is guided by God's hands. He negotiates like no other with the DA. God has inspired this man with an absolute desire to protect his clients and fight for the best outcome! When you have learned how to gain the respect of the person you are negotiating with, you win! and that is Jason Swindle! He's the pit bull in your back yard.

I hired Jason Swindle to handle my son's case in Carrollton, Ga. This was a felony drug case with a long history of drug abuse and addiction, but, if not handle properly could land my son in a prison for many years. Jason and his associate Dane Garland took on this case and immediately started putting out the fires and knocking down the charges. They had the whole case surrounded and battened down with in weeks. I realized quickly that these two men had gained the respect of the system and the courts first and foremost. Then they plucked apart the case. You will not get lip service at the Swindle law firm, these guys shoot straight from the hip and are always over prepared. My son ended up with a very fair outcome and great victory. Much thanks to Jason and Dane. It was a win for everyone.


The Great Negotiator!
Today 9/22/15 my son won a great victory in the Superior Court of Carroll County. After losing to addiction problems for years ago. This drug addiction lead him to break the law on so many occasions ending him in jail many times. This last time he was arrested, I truly was left without any hope for him. I knew he was facing an up hill legal battle that could mean years behind brick and mortar for a long time. My son told me of an attorney he heard of from another cell mate. As he put it,'a really good one' his name is Jason Swindle. That night I googled Swindle Law Firm and read their web page. Liking what I read, I sent an email that night to Jason explaining my son's criminal history. Being at the point of despair and feeling hopeless, I didn't expect to get a response back. That's when everything changed! I awoke that next morning to my phone ringing by 8AM from Jason Swindle. I made an appointment and within 72 hours he was hired. Jason gave us hope where we had none. Jason charged a fair wage. Jason was understanding and kind. Jason returned every single call or email I sent the same day. Jason handle my son's case like a Creative Genius. He's brilliant. Where 20yrs to do 10 turned into time served and a year rehab, I tell you this; Jason is guided by God's hands and works wonders in a court of Law. He was the best Negotiator to defend my son. When you have mastered the art of gaining the respect of the people you are negotiating with, you win. Thank you Jason Swindl

I could never Thank Mr. Swindle enough!
We hired Mr. Swindle to represent my 19 year old son that was charged with two felonies. Best decision I have made. Jason made me as a mother feel he truly had my son's best interest at heart. He is calming for a parent to go through such a thing. I have had to acquire a few attorneys in my life and Jason is by far the best experience I have had with one. He always responded to my emails and concerns. He is the reason my son has a chance at a normal good life....I will be forever grateful for crossing paths with Jason Swindle.

My Son's Defender

My son was facing burglary and criminal trespass charges complicated by his previous felony charges and probation. Jason Swindle demonstrated himself, not only as a professional and knowledgeable defense lawyer, but a cunning strategist. His presentation of my son's case enabled him to obtain a better outcome and prevent an extended prison sentence. Mr. Swindle provides his clients with personal dedication, professional ability and tenacity. He is detail oriented, extremely thorough and willing to go the extra mile. One of the best things about him is constant contact. He responds to his clients quickly and always ensures his clients are completely informed about the case. His integrity is without question and he is well respected throughout the Carroll County judicial system. The bottom line is results and if you need a criminal lawyer who gets results, you won't go wrong with Jason Swindle. I highly recommend him.

Jason is a very knowledgeable guy. No matter what the case is, he will work at it from every angle to make sure he serves you as best as he can. Highly recommended!

Mr. Swindle is an expert in his field of law. There are sometimes events that occur which require a knowledgeable attorney and it can be a very difficult task to find an attorney who will work diligently on your case and be honest and up front about all possible outcomes. Mr. Swindle is the attorney who does just that; works hard and is honest. The case he handled for us was dismissed and we could not have been more pleased with that outcome. The cost to retain Mr. Swindle was very reasonable and because of his down to earth persona and legal knowledge, we were certain after speaking with him, that he was the attorney who would present our case in a manner that would most benefit us. I know through experience, how very difficult it can be to find a good lawyer. Mr. Swindle is a great lawyer. Hopefully this review will help someone who needs counsel and finds himself in what may seem to be an overwhelming legal situation. Mr. Swindle gets my recommendation without hesitation.

Just hired Jason for our son!

My husband and I hired Jason last week for our son. We don't know what the outcome will be, but have been more than relieved knowing our sons future is in his hands. After meeting him, we just knew he was the right man for the job. He has been available whenever we call or email him. Now that I have read these reviews, I am feeling even more confident! I will update later!

Jason Swindle is extremely professional and passionate about his job. He is a good listener and understands the needs of his clients. I presented a hard to him and he worked hard and got the best deal for us.
I highly recommend Jason.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2015

Jason by far is one of the most outstanding Attorneys I have ever come across. Everything he said he was going to do he did and did so with integrity and honesty. He obtained an outstanding result for me on my second DUI and I could not be more pleased. Trust me you will want to use Jason if you get a DUI in Carroll County, GA

I would definitely recommend Mr. Jason W. Swindle Sr. to others. He was very thorough in collecting and reviewing the evidence of my case. He look at every possible approach and angle possible, providing me with several options/routes I could take. During preparation of the trial, he was easy to contact and made himself available whenever he could so that we could discuss the case. Mr. Swindle's performance in the courtroom was well-planned and he was very tactical in the way he reacted to the opposing attorney. I feel that he did the best that he possibly could and that he legitimately believed in me and my side of the story. I could not be happier with the way Jason worked with me and the results of my trial.

My experience with Mr. Swindle was completely phenomenal. The first time I met with Mr. Swindle, I knew I was in good hands. He has a very kind, compassionate demeanor and doesn't give off a judgmental disposition at all. He is an attentive listener and very honest. Your concerns are his concerns. He made himself available for communication throughout the process. Even though he is a busy man, he always found the time to address all of my questions whenever they arose. His staff was very helpful in making sure that I got into to meet with him for my initial consult and always kept me abreast of any changes that were made. Prior to my court date, I received a message from Mr. Swindle about the status of my situation, and boy was I surprised at how much work he'd already done on my behalf. When he told me not to worry when we first met, he truly meant it. Even after my case had been settled, Mr. Swindle was at my side with follow-up questions and needed support and guidance. Mr. Swindle is not only an outstanding lawyer, but a good man. I am very thankful for how he helped me.

Dedicated, determined, and dependable.
Mr. Swindle's reputation precedes him. His is very well educated, has experience at doing his job, and you can count on him to be with you--better yet, for you--throughout the process of your situation. I am a spiritual person. My stomachh was in knots about my situation before meeting Mr. Swindle. Even before leaving his ffice I knew and felt that he was 110% on my side and working not only for me but with me. He listened first. Asked questions once I got it all out. He counseled me on everything I needed to do on my end, he told me what he would do on his end, laid out all of the possible outcomes of the work we put in, and then what he would do going forth. He explained all of my legal options for my case and left the door open for communications to take place. I was completely comfortable speaking with him. Anytime I had questions he answrred them quickly and thoroughly. He put all my worries at ease. When the week of my case came, he directly communicated with me what to expect and I was floored at the work he'd done. He has a very kind demeanor and worked with me to the very end. I highly recommend Mr. Swindle for his effectiveness, his sense of duty to his clients, his compassionate nature, his awesome expertise of the law in the local area and in the state, and overall for being a good person. He went above and beyond for me and he will certainly do the same for you.


A young mans second chance

Jason recently completed the case involving my son where the DA's Office had an initial offer of 30 years. Jason’s diligence and competence over the course many sessions the final outcome was probation. Thanks to Jason and all his efforts my son has another chance to live a normal life. Thank you for what you accomplished.


About a year ago we needed to retain legal counsel for our 21 year old son. Having never had this experience or need prior, we did not know where to turn. I found Mr. Swindle in the local directory as his office is near the university our son attends. He was honest, very knowledgeable of local and state law and is well respected in the Carrollton community. He and his team were able to secure a conditional discharge so my young adult son's future would not be negatively impacted. We are indebted to Mr. Swindle and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of similar legal assistance.

Jason did an excellent job of representing defendant. He presented a clear defense that was fully understandable to the jury. The jury realized that what had happened was an accident without criminal intent. Jason led the jury to see the truth of the matter and they quickly found defendant not guilty. I highly recommend Jason based on his excellent representation of defendant during the trial. He handled the legal technicalities portion of the trial as well as the subtle manner of eliciting the truth in a highly professional and ethical manner. Not Guilty verdict in the case where defendant was accused of aggravated assault and criminal damage to property.

We retained Jason Swindle to assist us in a minor criminal matter for a family member. His knowledge and experience were superb. Moreover, he is well known and well networked in West Georgia, giving him all the tools to provide you the best and most prompt outcome possible. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they need to hire counsel. But if you find yourself or a family member in such a situation, this guy is the one to pick to get you back out of that situation with the best results.


Knowledgeable & Well Networked

Jason Swindle is well established and well networked in West Georgia. He has the knowledge, experience, and connections to deliver you the best outcome possible!


Best in Carrollton

My case put me in a situation where my life reputation as well as my freedom were threatened. Mr. Swindle acted fast and swift analyzing my case and not only did he see make me feel comfortable, he responded to the matter very quickly and seen the truth in the matter. He responded to every single message or call promptly. He took time to understand the facts of my case and his reputation spoke by his actions. Not only was I not convicted, I was never arrested or charged. He truly loves his job and it shows the moment of consultation. I highly recommend Mr. Swindle. Would not trust anyone else!

"A Client Originally Charged With a Felony"
I recommend Jason W. Swindle Sr. of Swindle Law Group, P.C.. I was very pleased with the end result of my case. He definitely knows his stuff and was extremely pleasant to have as my lawyer. He is a professional and dedicated to his craft, and I can't thank him enough for his assistance.

"A Criminal Law Client"
Hands down, there is nobody I would recommend more than Mr. Swindle. I was recommended to him, and throughout the whole process, I never doubted why. He is easy going and easy to talk to. And he absolutely will go all out for anyone he is representing. I was indicted on a felony charge and from the moment I walked into his office he assured me he was going to take care of me. He did not make any promises as far as what the outcome would be, however, what he did say he thought would be the outcome was pretty close. It actually turned out better than what he thought. Hopefully I will not ever need him again, but if I do, there is not anyone else I would even consider. He got me a Pre Trial Diversion, meaning all I have is Community Service and Restitution. I will have nothing on my record and there was no conviction. And when all is said and done, it is highly likely that my arrest record will be expunged as well. Mr. Swindle is a man of God, and he displays that in all aspects of his life and how he treats you. I can't thank this man enough for what he has done for me and my future. He is the absolute best.

A Criminal Defense Client
I came across Mr. Swindle through a referral and just hoped for the best. He far exceeded my expectations and was always available through email or phone if I had any questions. My case lasted for over a year and Mr. Swindle never settled knowing he could do better and wouldn't quit until he was satisfied with the outcome. I was up on felony charges and with every passing court date they were unwilling to drop the felony. On my second to last court date they were willing to do a first time offense charge but Mr. Swindle had one more idea that he wanted to try and it was worth the wait. I live in Florida and was driving to and from Georgia for every court date and he assured me that it was worth the trip to come back for one final time and not settle. Mr. Swindle is a god sent and was able to settle my case with absolutely no charges against me!!! They dropped the felony charge all together and I was speechless when he asked if everything turned out the way I had hoped and I still can't thank him enough. He cleared my name and I'm finally able to breathe again and move on with my life.

A Criminal Defense Client
A God Send. Mr. Swindle is a great attorney!!! My son has a serious case going on right now. From day one we have been kept informed of every aspect of the case. Jason is never to busy to return our calls and he responds quickly to my e-mails (even on weekends). My questions and concerns are answered thoroughly. I feel that Jason is giving my family 100 percent as if we were his family. He is not judgmental. Even though my son's case is still pending, I feel confident and can rest easy at night knowing Jason is on our team.

A Criminal Defense Client
I am a college student who made a mistake that could of haunted me through the rest of my life. Jason saw the the felony they were trying to charge me with was ridiculous. Mr. Swindle made my felony turn into a mistamener and on top of that made sure my record was sealed. He was extremely helpful and respectful throughout the entire process of the case and made sure I knew and understood what was going on. He always returned my calls and emails the next day if not the same day. I would recommend him to anyone who is need of a criminal attorney.

A Criminal Defense Client
Jason Swindle was extremely respectful and kept my dad and I informed throughout the entire process of the case. He also was extremely quick on getting back to me on any questions I had. If I ever needed to make an appointment with him it was always in a timely manner and always ensured that when I left his office I fully understood what was going on. He also helped me out by keeping everything off my record so this one mistake did not hinder my opportunities on getting jobs in the future. I would recommend Jason Swindle to anyone who is in need of legal representation.

A Criminal Defense Client
My relationship with Mr. Swindle is both professional and personal. I have known him and his family for many years and have always considered him to be an outstanding young man who is very talented in his field, personable, committed to his family and friendships, and dedicated to his profession. About 8-9 years ago I needed legal assistance and immediately thought of Mr. Swindle, not so much because I was aquainted with him but because of the outstanding reputation that he had developed in the community as a superb attorney. I quickly found that his reputation was well deserved. I believe that two of the most important recommendations that you can give someone professionally are: 1- Would you go to this person again if you needed assistance? 2- Would you recommend this person to a anyone else, especially a family member or friend? Without hesitation, I give a resounding "yes" to both of these questions!

A Criminal Defense Client
My family worked with Jason Swindle to address a concern related to a traffic violation by a minor. We were very pleased with our outcome. Jason was fluent with the process and he knew the opposing attorney. All of this worked to our advantage. He told us what to expect, what he would do, and when it would happen. Again, we were very pleased with our outcome! Thanks to Jason that problem is ancient history.

A Criminal Defense Client
Jason took on the world's biggest POA bully and totally kicked his fanny - the guy ended up paying court costs, attorneys' fees and NEVER bothered me again! Jason has high integrity and respect for everyone.

A Criminal Defense Client
A little over 44 months ago I found my self in the office of Jason Swindle. The direct consequences of my choices had turned my life into a complete and utter catastrophe. I was arrested on suspicion of DUI in route to one of life's most celebrated events, my wedding. After under going the remorse, sham, embarrassment and regret of disappointing so many people. I was know faced with numerous legal hurdles to navigate. These daunting hurdles are what guided me into Jason's office. I met an attorney who know exactly what to do without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever. I received excellent legal advise with a more than favorable outcome on my behalf. But, most importantly I established a relationship with a man who has been placed in a position to help change clients and their families life's in a positive direction.

Great Attorney!!!! Always available to answer questions and provide clear explanations throughout out the process of your case. Mr. Swindle work for hard for each of his clients, giving 100% to each of his cases. If you are in need of a really good, hardworking, criminal attorney to represent you, I highly recommend Swindle Law!!! May God Continue to Bless you in your craft Mr. Swindle!!! Thanks for all that you have done for me and my family. The Carter's.

A Criminal Defense Client
Attorney Jason Swindle is a true professional. He is very brilliant and articulate. He handled my legal issue professionally with great enthusiasm and compassion.. He returned phone calls and emails and kept me informed of what was going on. He is a very skilled attorney and very knowledgeable. I gladly recommend him.

David C
I would highly recommend Mr. Swindle. He worked miracles for me in two separate cases this year and I received only probation for two charges that could have put me away for many years. He was always available to discuss my cases when I had questions. He also has good working relationships with everyone involved in the court system including the Judges and DA which I feel helped me tremendously.

Great Attorney
Recently used Swindle Law Group and was very pleased with the way he handled the entire process from start to finish. Upon my first meeting he provided me with his planned course of action. He made no 'promises', but he delivered results above my expectations. I highly recommend Jason Swindle / Swindle Law Group.

Jason is the man
As a parent the worst thing you want to see is your child being arrested. We had so many questions and needed answers. And thanks to Mr. Swindle and staff things began to look better. We have been kept informed of everything that is going on. Mr. Swindle took on this case without judging my son. He and his staff are very courteous and respectful. Mr. Swindle returns all phone calls and emails (weekends too). My son's case is still pending but I feel confident knowing Mr. Swindle is giving 100 percent to this case. I think highly of Mr. Swindle and I recommend him as the go to attorney to get the best results possible.

Best phone call my family from Texas could've made
"After being arrested and charged with a felony trafficking of methamphetamine charge, the outcome looked very grim for me. Jason changed all of that, it took some time and patience, but he managed to keep me from getting sentenced to any prison time, or any probation. The case was put on a dead docket and my family and I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. He is an extremely nice and likable person as well which only makes doing business with him even better. We couldn't have found a better lawyer."

A Military Mom
"Jason Swindle is an OUTSTANDING LAWYER! He represented my daughter and truly ensured she was given a fair deal being a 1st Time Offender! Anyone who wants "Outstanding" representation please call Jason Swindle; he's the lawyer you need & want!"

Robert, a criminal defense client
"I must say that when I hired Mr. Swindle, my job, family, and life were on the line. Hiring Mr. Swindle was one of the best things I have ever done. He was able to get my charges dropped and I got my life back. Without hesitation, I can say that Jason Swindle is the best lawyer in Carrollton, GA."

Annette, mother of a Trafficking client
"Jason Swindle and his associate, Dane Garland, took on my son's case after another attorney represented him very poorly. The District Attorney offered my son 15 years with the previous lawyer but Jason took on the case.
He and Dane got my son 5 years. if I could rate him higher I would give his 10 stars. he is fantastic. Hats off to the Swindle Law Firm."

A Young Criminal Defense Client in Douglas County
"I am a college student who had made a mistake and did not want my good reputation tarnished with a criminal record. Mr. Swindle helped me with my case in a very professional and confidential way, and impressed me with how well he knew the right people in the local justice system. I am very happy with the result of my case, and I will eventually be able to have my record entirely clear again."

David, a former criminal defense client
"I would highly recommend Mr. Swindle. He worked miracles for me in two separate cases this year and I received only probation for two charges that could have put me away for many years. He was always available to discuss my cases when I had questions. He also has good working relationships with everyone involved in the court system including the Judges and DA which I feel helped me tremendously."
Submitted: Sep 17, 2014

A Criminal Defense Client
"JASON SWINDLE SAVED MY FUTURE - Felonies that could have caused life sentences. Jason helped me. I am acquitted. He believed in me. He listened. He let the prosecutors and the court see the truth in the case. A frame up. I thank Attorney Jason Swindle f