Vigorous Protection of Constitutional Rights

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution laid the groundwork for criminal law and procedure in the United States. As a criminal defense attorney, I have a rock solid track record of protecting the constitutional rights of the citizens I defend, a protection essential in maintaining of the constitutional republic we enjoy as Americans.


The practice of criminal defense requires an attorney to be highly effective in a courtroom atmosphere.  With my experience handling cases from minor traffic tickets to capital felony cases, I have developed a decision making ability to obtain the best possible results for my clients.

Intrepid Warrior

A criminal defense attorney must have the heart of a warrior.  He or she must also have the judgement to determine when to fight and when to negotiate. The failure in judgement in this area will have devastating effects. I follow the military philosophy of Sun Tzu as explained in the “Art of War.”

Legal Scholarship

In Georgia, criminal law changes everyday.  The Georgia Court of Appeals and Georgia Supreme Court issue on average 25-40 legal opinions on real cases each week.  My mentor, Gerry Word, taught me as a young lawyer to read every opinion that is issued by our appellate courts.  

Lifetime Serenity

It is unhealthy to work all of the time.  I have found that hunting wild game in the American outdoors provides me an essential element to balance my life as a person.  While hunting or spending time with my boys in the outdoors, I am able to refocus and strengthen my relationship with God.

Humble Confidence

I rely on God to guide me in my practice on a daily basis.  This requires humility with a level of confidence that I am doing the right thing for my client.


Reputation for excellence in any profession must be developed over a number of years.  I am grateful and humbled by the vast number of other attorneys, especially in the field of criminal defense, who send me referrals.  A number of these attorneys, along with many of my clients, have offered their endorsements of my work.

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Jason arguing before the Supreme Court of Georgia