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A Committed Attorney

“It is with pleasure that I write this letter to share our experience with the law firm, Swindle Law Group. We required the services of a defense attorney, someone with experience and would work hard to represent us. During our initial meeting with Jason Swindle, we found him to be patient with answering our questions and genuinely interested in getting to know more about the character of the person he was representing. He shared his experiences with similar cases and gave us an honest assessment on what we could expect. We were impressed with his compassion, experience and most of all, his commitment to do his best to represent our family. Jason delivered on that commitment and was successful in getting the outcome that we had been praying and hoping for. He is an experienced attorney with integrity and a fine reputation within the legal community. We are tremendously grateful to Jason Swindle and highly recommend him and his team to anyone requiring legal representation.”

Tommy Greer

“Jason is an outstanding criminal defense attorney. This firm refers EVERYONE who calls us to Jason. He has the highest character, he can handle the most difficult felonies and he treats misdemeanor clients with the same respect and attention to detail that he gives to larger cases. I have NEVER had anything but positive feedback from the dozens of clients we have referred to Jason.”

One of the most respected attorneys in west Georgia. Tommy is also an accomplished mediator and trial lawyer. Tommy is also my best friend in the legal world and has served as a tremendous mentor to me.

Ryan Leonard

“Jason Swindle is an honest, hardworking attorney. Jason approaches the practice of law like an old school southern gentleman as opposed to the confrontational bridge burning approach that is commonplace in today’s criminal practice.”


Ryan is a longtime friend, fraternity brother, and excellent prosecutor. He is currently a District Attorney at the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office

J. Thomas Vance

“I would never hesitate to recommend a client or friend to Jason Swindle. Jason is bright, hard working and practical—the characteristics needed to be a good criminal defense attorney.”

Tommy Vance is a partner at Tisinger, Vance P.C. in Carrollton, GA. Tommy has decades of experience in civil law and is one of most well known and respected attorneys in the state.

Professor Michael Mears

“Jason Swindle is a first class lawyer! I highly recommend him.”

Professor Mears is one of the most well known and respected criminal defense attorneys and death penalty experts in the country. He currently serves as a law school professor at John Marshall School of Law. He is also the past director of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council.

David Taylor

“I have personal knowledge of Jason and endorse him in the area of criminal defense and criminal law”.

David Taylor is a former Senior District Attorney in the Coweta Judicial District. He is known for his legal talents both in and out of the courtroom. David, a personal friend, has also recently started a private practice in the Newnan, GA area.

L. David Wolfe

“Having practiced Criminal Law for more than 30 years, I sometimes worry that there are not enough young lawyers ready to take up the fight to protect the rights of our citizenry in the criminal courts. Jason Swindle however is a bright aggressive young Criminal Defense lawyer who through my association with him helps to allay those fears. He is an advocate of the highest integrity with the skills of a much more seasoned trial attorney in the courtroom. He is relentless in his efforts to assist his clients while at the same time commanding the respect of his fellow lawyers, the prosecution and the Judges before whom he practices. I am proud every time get the opportunity to work with him and value his friendship in the legal community. I would highly recommend this lawyer.”

One of the top criminal defense attorneys in the state of Georgia. David also has a reputation for brilliance across the nation as he tries federal criminal cases in the various federal courts.

David Tisinger

“Several years ago, Jason Swindle decided to focus his professional efforts in the area of criminal law. That has proven to be a good decision for Jason and for our community. Jason’s style is one based on building credible relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors which has produced many favorable results. At the same time, his communication skills and work ethic have made him an extremely effective courtroom advocate. He has earned the respect of colleagues and clients and that, with his character, has made him a tremendous asset to the practicing Bar.”

David Tisinger, a trial lawyer and mediator, is one of the pillars of the west Georgia legal community. He and his firm, Tisinger Vance P.C., are well known all over the state as representing the pinnacle of legal advocacy.

Allen Turner

“I have known Jason for a number of years. I fully endorse him in the areas of hearings on criminal defense matters.”

Allen Turner is a well known and respected trial attorney in the Paulding Co. area. He is known for achieving highly favorable results for his clients.

Jeffrey Wayne Hunt

“I have known Jason for many years and have been opposing counsel on numerous criminal cases. I fully endorse Jason in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, and legal advice in criminal cases.”

Mr. Hunt is the Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Carroll County District Attorney’s Office.

Graylin Ward

“I endorse Jason Swindle in the area of criminal law.”

Graylin is an experienced and well respected trial attorney in the Newnan, Ga. area.

Sean Goldstein

“I wholeheartedly endorse Jason on any criminal case you may have. I’ve always been impressed watching Jason practice law. Jason is cool under pressure, tough when he has to be, and calculating and intelligent when it comes to negotiating plea deals or executing trial strategies. He has excellent connections in the West Georgia legal community since he has lived and practiced there his entire career. Jason’s legal skill and local knowledge help him consistently get what I consider are excellent results for his clients. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s extremely cordial to his clients even under the toughest of circumstances. If I were in trouble in West Georgia, Jason is certainly on the short list of attorneys that I would call.”

Mr. Goldstein is an attorney with a general practice in the greater Atlanta area. He has tried many difficult cases and is a young lawyer on the rise.

Kimberly Mullins

“I endorse Jason in the following areas of law: criminal appeals, felonies, criminal hearings, drug cases, criminal law, legal writing, criminal defense, and white collar defense.”

Kimberly is a well known and well respected attorney in the Paulding County area. Kimberly is also a very talented Guardian Ad Litem and uses her abilities to help children in need throughout the west Georgia area.

Robert Harker

“I endorse Jason in the following areas of law: felony defense, criminal law, legal writing, legal research, and criminal defense.”

Robert is a Carrollton attorney with a thriving general practice located on Tanner St. He is a also a licensed mediator in the state of Georgia.

Stacey Blackmon

“I endorse Jason Swindle’s legal abilities in the following areas: criminal law, criminal defense, appellate work, constitutional law, and drug cases.”

Stacey Blackmon is a partner at Tisinger Vance, P.C. She and her husband, Judge Dennis Blackmon, live in Carrollton.

Jim Head

“I fully endorse Jason in the area of criminal defense and criminal law”.

Jim Head is a Carrollton attorney with a very successful general practice. Jim is also a fellow outdoorsman and outstanding lawyer.

William "Bill" Brewer

“I fully endorse Jason in his experience and abilities in the area of criminal law.”

Bill is an associate magistrate judge with a private practice in Carroll County. He primarily focuses his practice on the areas of probate and juvenile law. Bill is one of the

Erica Tisinger

“Not only is Jason very professional, but he is passionate about his representation of his clients. He is well prepared, hard-working, and an overall asset to our legal community. This is not only evident in the courtroom, but you can see his passion about criminal law on his website wherein he frequently posts articles updating the community in the area of criminal law, as well as proposed changes and how such may affect our rights. Without hesitation, our firm refers everyone to Jason for any criminal legal representation.”

Erica is a partner at the law firm of Greer, Jackson, & Tisinger in Carrollton. Erica is one of the most sought after family law attorneys in west Georgia.

Edward (Ned) Flynn

“I endorse Jason Swindle for his skills and experience in the area of criminal law and criminal defense”.

Mr Flynn is an AV rated civil trial attorney at the firm Flynn & Gottlieb, PA. He is known throughout the state for his brilliance and professionalism in civil litigation.

Richard Tisinger Jr.

“I endorse Jason in the areas criminal law, criminal defense, appeals, hearings, and drug cases.”

Richard Tisinger Jr. is a partner at Tisinger Vance, P.C. in Carrollton, GA. He is widely known throughout the state for his skillful advocacy in civil cases. He is also a well respected leader in our community.

Joe Fowler

“Skilled, knowledgable, caring professional litigator that I highly recommend.”

Joe Fowler is a highly seasoned and well respected litigator in Douglas Co. area.

Tangela King

“I have known Jason since law school and endorse him in the areas of criminal law, criminal defense, and litigation in criminal cases.”

Tangela King is a law school classmate of mine at Mercer University. After years of private practice, she currently serves our community as the Director of the Transition into Law Practice Program at the State Bar of Georgia.

John Sherrod

“I have known Jason Swindle as a member in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia for over 10 years. During that time, I have seen Jason in court and interacting with his clients. Jason is an excellent lawyer and one who without question represents his clients zealously in the criminal justice system. I highly recommend Jason Swindle as a lawyer for clients who are charged with criminal offenses and traffic violations.”

West Georgia and metro Atlanta personal injury attorney. John, a partner at Sherrod & Bernard, has been practicing for many years and has earned a reputation as a highly successful civil attorney with numerous significant settlements and verdicts.

Jack Clay

“I endorse Jason W. Swindle Sr. in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, and criminal defense. If I could sum-up Jason’s lawyering skills in a few short words, they would read: dedicated, responsive, and extremely effective. I’ve known Jason for years. Although the courtroom’s simply not for every lawyer, Jason is comfortable and effective in court. He has the ability to articulate himself and effectively advance his clients’ interests on his feet when it matters. Judges and prosecutors like him and listen to him because he’s honest and shoots straight. He is an excellent choice for anybody facing criminal charges, and I refer people to him without hesitation.”

Jack Clay is a highly successful civil trial attorney in the Douglas County area. He has recovered tens of millions of dollars for his clients over the years.

Ken Shigley

“I endorse Jason in the areas of criminal defense, drug case defense, felonies, and appellate practice.”

Ken Shigley is a well known and respected personal injury and wrongful death attorney. He is also past president of the State Bar of Georgia.

James "Jim" T. Camp

“I would like to endorse Jason as a criminal defense attorney both at the trial and appellate level.”

Jim Camp is a partner at Wiggins & Camp, P.C. He focues on business law and real estate transactions. Jim also serves Carroll County as a magistrate judge.

Thomas Worthy

“I fully endorse Jason W. Swindle Sr. in area of criminal law and criminal defense.”

Thomas Worthy is the Deputy Executive Counsel at the Office of Governor Nathan Deal


“Jason Swindle is a tenacious litigator who will fight for his clients and who has the respect of his fellow attorneys,Judges and prosecutors.”

“Skin” Edge, the former Georgia Senate Minority Leader, is one of the most well respected attorneys in the state.

Thomas M. West

“I tried an armed robbery case wirh Jason not long ago. During the trial, in his attitude and demeanor before the jury, I could not help but think back on the movie version of To Kill a Mocking Bird and the roll of Aticus Finch played by Gregory Peck. Jason had that same sense of integrity and competence.”

Tom is one of the most well known criminal defense attorneys in the state of Georgia. He has also handled a number of high profile and death penalty cases.

Jennifer McLeod

“Jason is always well-prepared, knowledgeable and trustworthy – I would not hesitate to refer a client to him for a criminal matter, and have done so many times. I know when I send a client over to Jason, that client will be represented very well and will have the best results possible.”

One of the most respected family law attorneys in the west Georgia area. Jenny is held in high esteem by both her colleagues and the judges she practices before.

Skye Gess

“Jason Swindle is an exceptional defense attorney. He is passionate about his work, which resonates through his legal arguments. He exudes confidence in the courtroom and crafts very persuasive arguments. Jason is an outstanding attorney and in my opinion, one of the best attorneys around.”

Skye is an assistant district attorney in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. She is also the former law clerk for the Hon. John Simpson in the Coweta Judicial Circuit.

Multiple Prosecutors

I have been endorsed in the areas of criminal law, criminal defense, criminal appellate advocacy by multiple prosecutors in the west Georgia area. You can go to my LinkedIn page and review some of their endorsements.


Travis Glahn

“While working as an assistant public defender in Douglas County, I had the privilege of watching Jason handle some of the most serious and sensitive cases with precision and compassion. Jason was always prepared to match wits and intellect with the prosecutors and judges in an extremely difficult venue. It was obvious he put countless hours into his cases to ensure his clients were being protected and properly advised. Many times I was left speechless observing the positive results he was able to procure for his clients. If you are facing criminal accusations in the West Georgia area, then you should call Jason immediately. He is the go-to-guy in West Georgia!!

Travis is a former public defender in Douglas County. He now owns his own practice and has used his legal skills, intellect, and good relationships with judges and prosecutors to build a highly successful criminal defense practice.

Nick Winn

“I have known Jason for a number of years and endorse him in his ability to represent clients charged with criminal offenses in Georgia.”

Nick is an attorney practicing law in the Douglasville area. He has over 30 years experience in the legal profession primarily focusing on personal injury and criminal cases.

Kathryn Boortz

“I highly endorse Jason. He is a phenomenal attorney and well respected throughout the state of Georgia. He is personable, dedicated, and committed to providing high quality services to his clients.”

Kathryn Boortz is a highly regarded white collar criminal defense attorney in Atlanta

Sheetul Wall

“I fully endorse Jason Swindle in the areas of criminal defense and criminal law.”

Ms. Wall is an Assistant United States Attorney at the United States Department of Justice

Cliff Perkins

“Jason has made a good name for himself as a specialist in criminal defense law. He is active in the local trial bar and is respected and trusted by his peers. His good reputation is well deserved.”

Cliff is one of the most respected worker’s compensation attorneys in the state of Georgia

Christopher Perkins

“I have known Jason for many years. He is a well respected lawyer in the community who is extremely effective in representing his clients in criminal defense matters.”

Christopher, who I have known since childhood, is an excellent attorney particularly in the area of Worker’s Compensation. He has developed a thriving practice and possesses the ethics and character of the Perkins firm and family.

The Art of War


The lawyers at Swindle Law Group are trained to adhere to the principles and truths outlined by Sun Tzu in his book, The Art of War.

Today, the teachings of Sun Tzu are studied and successfully implemented in military affairs, business, sports, diplomacy, personal lives, and the practice of law.





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