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J. Flinn

Jason Swindle has been a friend for almost 5 years. All of my interactions with Jason have led me to believe that he is undoubtedly a man of good character with the strongest ethical standards. The firm’s staff are attentive and responsive to questions you may have. Jason is empathetic, incredibly hard working, and very easy to talk to no matter the situation and circumstances at hand. After witnessing Jason in court on numerous occasions, it is easy to see that he is incredibly skilled in Criminal Law. Jason is very passionate about his profession, and his unwavering commitment to his clients is unparalleled and should not be overlooked. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, Jason and his staff should be your choice.

Recent Intern at Swindle Law Group, P.C.

Interning with Jason was pure bliss. He is a keen, skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney. He handles every case in a meticulous, strategic, and conscientious manner which are imperative qualities a defense attorney should exhibit. In addition, he treats all of his clients with respect. Most of all, all of his clients leave fully satisfied with his work.

LinkedIn Community Endorsements

Because of space limitations and frequent additions to this list, some community endorsements are not listed here. Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn page to view multiple other endorsements from the fine men and women in our community.

Robin Sewell Worley

“Jason Swindle is not only an expert attorney, he is a fine family Christian man and leader in his community. Jason has a passion for his work in helping others and holds higher values and a standard of excellence to be admired.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Inv. Reagen Clayton

“Having known Jason for many years, I can without hesitation endorse him for his ability and knowledge in the area of criminal defense.”

Inv. Clayton is a detective with the Carroll Co. Sheriff’s Office. He also serves on many community oriented boards such as the Carroll Meth Awareness Coalition

Dr. David Jenks

“I fully endorse Jason in the area of criminal law and criminal defense.”

Dr. Jenks is the Dean of the Criminology Department at the University of West Georgia. I have taught classes on criminal law as an adjunct professor of criminology in his department.

Officer Chet Long

“I fully endorse Jason Swindle in the areas of criminal defense and criminal appeals.”

Officer Long is a well respected police officer currently serving the city of Villa Rica, GA

Senator Mike Dugan

“Integrity, character, and competence are the three words that came to my mind when asked to describe Jason Swindle. He is unflappable in stressful situations and I attribute that trait to the high morale standards he has set for himself. I have never needed his professional services but I have known him long enough to develop a great admiration for his commitment to his clients and his community. There is none better to represent you with regard to the law or life.”

Mike Dugan

Senator Dugan is a personal friend and fellow Pathfinders Men’s Ministry member. He is also a Georgia state senator representing Distict 30 (Carroll, Douglas, and Paulding counties).

Investigator Jimmy Adams

“I fully endorse Jason W. Swindle Sr. in the areas of criminal law and criminal defense.”

Investigator Adams is currently a detective at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. Inv. Adams has decades of law enforcement experience and is well known throughout west Georgia for his work ethic and extremely detailed investigations of crimes.

Ryan Roenigk

You will understand the law – and our society – better after you talk with Jason. When Jason is present, the Constitution is present. In a nation of laws, we depend on thoughtful, grounded professionals to understand and represent those laws. Jason is at the top of that list.”

Ryan Roenigk, President
Roenigk Digital Craft

A Sample of Other Community Endorsements - My LinkedIn Page Will Have the Complete List

“We have personal knowledge of Mr. Swindle’s talent and abilities in the area of criminal defense hearings in the various courts in Georgia and fully endorse him.”

Cynthia Langley, Rett Harmon, Rhonda Krontz, Joey Entrekin, Paula Waters, Ned Harman, Julia Paulk, Shawn Plunkett, Bob Uglum, Jeff Farris, Cindy Stacey, April Fordham, Tamara Wilhite, Rick Ford, Lauren Foster, Delores Clark,, Heather Evans, Robin Sewell Worley, Bill Craig, Jeff Denny, Karen Smith, Jane Baker, Susan Marion – Galloway, Bryan Hill, Michael Hurston, Velecia Barrow, Gary Cottrell, Keith Puckett, Matt Greene, Lauren Foster, Kevin Bullock, Ashley Robinson, Melissa Strickland, Jason Smith, James Berzsenyi, Delores Goldin, Beau Martin, Eric Isom, John Otts, Zane Hetzel, Jonathan Dockery, Pat Treece, Sherry Kimball, Jim Sullivan, Tobi Bellin, Heather Higgins, Pat Smith, Chuck Wanager, Lindsey Robbins, Rhonda McClendon, Pam Almon, Christy Talley Smith, James Widener, Beth Miller, Kevin Bullock, John Richter Jr., Vic Painter, Mike Willingham, Amy Norton, Shawn Rowland, John Rowell, Rob Eaves, Marcelo Chaves, Jim Downey, David Jolly, Karen West, Richard Duncan, Shawn Rowland, Prof. Gregory Gilbertson, Andy Allen, Mitch Hambrick, Cindy Bar, Anthony Strickland, Paul Robinson, Tom Couch, Meagan Cline, Bryan Albright, Frances Hunt, Tina Synogrond, Janet Privett, Tony McGaughey, Mitch Gray, Cary Chandler, Victoria Sutherland, Peggy Philpot, Sulli Dawood, Karen Smith, Katherine Wainscott, Mark Adams, Lisa Crews, Steve Harrison, Martrez Newell, Joe Mack Eckler, Jim Ivey, David Spivey, Debbie Hennessee, Michael Poynter, Lori McDowell, Bill Carter, Todd Redding, Zach Steed, Bob Jackson, Leigh Ann North, Brad Morrell, Chandler Barrett, Jenny Crawford Clark, Tracy Lewis, Jeff Haney, Cindy Stacey, David Bragg, Mike Mashburn, Tracy Wilson, Mike Dugan, Wes Griffin, Scott Preston Brown, Charles Sorrento, Lauren Yates, Jeff Watts, Brad Bell, Lynn Kress, Barry Oxford, Cindy Stacey, Brian O. McLeod, Max Fulbright, Dino McDowell, Tony Dermo, John Eason, Jeff Farris, Keihan Nahri, Randy Rider, Janes Ware, Steve Stovall, Idys Overton, Christine Windham, Heidi Campbell Henderson, Amy Norton, Kelley Towler, Charles Mittelstadt, Amy Lavender, Cynthia Greenleaf, Tiffani Ramsey, Kristin Fretwell, Kim Harris, Kevin Hayes, Michael Moseley, Reagen Clayton

Dr. Susan Campbell

“I endorse Jason Swindle in the area of criminal law.”

Dr. Campbell is an experieced clinical psychologist. She maintains her practice in Newnan, GA. Dr. Campbell has extensive experience in family counseling, child abuse evaluations, and treatment.

Sam Leneaus
“I highly recommend Jason W. Swindle of Drummond & Swindle P.C. I have known Jason and his family his entire life. Luckily I have never needed his services but I know he is on point with his work and is among the best in his field of Criminal Defense. If you are in the need of his services I do highly recommend Jason.”
Martrez Newell

“Well it’s hard for me to write this recommendation on my behalf because of my personal business being at stake but it’s the truth and has caused a major change for the good into my life. I had a strong addiction to marijuana in which it caused me my legal troubles. Mr. Swindle was recommended at the top of the list not just because he could get you a “sweet deal” but because he believes in the justice system for all people. Needless to say I was sentenced to a drug rehabilitation center where I had a life changing event. Since my completion of the rehabilitation I returned to school (University of West GA) where my grades improved to a 3.0 both summer and fall semesters, I was a gameday intern with the Atlanta Falcons throughout the entire season, I joined the Marketing Club where I was made an Event Planner, I did a Study Abroad in four major cities in China, attended the 33rd Annual Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, graduated from the University of West GA with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate making the Dean’s List my last semester, and most importantly during this time became closer to God. These are the results of Mr. Swindle’s services for his clients. He understands the importance of family which makes him fight even the more for clients. Thanks Jason!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Rett Harmon, Owner, Duffey Leasing and Management

“Jason is a close friend and a great business partner. Jason has hired me as a REALTOR to sell and purchase multiple residences, commercial properties and investment real estate over the past 10 years. You learn a lot about someone’s character when you work for them. Jason always treated me with the utmost respect, valued my professional opinions and recommendations. I have witnessed Jason talking to some of his clients throughout the years. He listens to them, is respectful to them and always seems to go the extra mile to effectively represent his clients to the best of his ability. Jason is a person of great character; he is honest and very knowledgeable. I recommend Jason as a criminal defense attorney to anyone.”

Cary Chandler

“Jason Swindle is a man of great integrity and character and it shows in his legal work. Jason has a firm grasp of the law and how to best serve his clients. He is a great man to have on your team.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Swede Sullivan,Vice President, J. Smith Lanier & Co.

“Jason Swindle is a close personal friend and an excellent attorney. I recommend Jason to anyone seeking legal and professional guidance. He believes in doing the right things for the right reasons in business as well as everyday life.”

CAPT Gordon Austin USN (ret)

“I was one of Mr Swindle’s first clients and hired him based on his personal reputation and history of integrity. He expertly and courageously defended a young man who had been unjustly arrested that I knew could not afford an attorney. Since that time when I have called upon Jason, he has never disappointed. He also authors an excellent column in the newspaper protecting common folks from abusive government. He has my highest respect and confidence.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Paul Palladino

“I hired Jason to help me with some legal trouble I was going through. He always answered all of my questions, and was very prepared for the case. I know he put forth a great deal of effort and if I ever to needed legal council again I would definately give Jason a call. I would also recommend Jason to anyone in need of legal advice.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Lt. James Perry

“Jason Swindle is an attorney who takes pride in his work. He is very knowledgeable in regards to the law both criminal and civil and works hard for his client. He is a pleasure to work with and gets along well with everyone. I recommend him for your attorney needs.”

Lt. Perry is a longtime public servant and is currently head of the Criminal Investigations Division for the city of Carrollton, GA.

Dr. Mary Dean

“I have known Jason for many years in the west Georgia area and fully endorse him in the areas of criminal law and criminal defense.”

Mary Dean is a family and marriage therapist in the west Georgia area. She has years of experience assisting clients with family relates issues.

Chief Kevin Hannah

“I fully endorse Jason W. Swindle Sr. as a criminal defense attorney.”

Kevin Hannah is the Chief of Police for the city of Franklin, GA. He has a stellar reputation as a leader and law enforcement officer.

Ronnie Rogers

“I endorse Jason Swindle in the area of criminal law and criminal procedure.”

Ronnie Rogers is a legend in Georgia football and the former sheriff of Laurens County, Georgia.

Commissioner Mark Butler

“I endorse Jason for his skills in the area of criminal law.”

Mark Butler is the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor

Charles Sorrento

“I have worked with attorneys during my entire career, but never involving a criminal matter. Hence, it was through a very unique set of circumstances that I had a chance to meet Mr. Jason Swindle. I had the opportunity of working closely with Mr. Swindle on a criminal defense matter involving an incident which resulted in someone being hospitalized. During the course of this relationship, I found Jason to be extremely professional, thorough, understanding, knowledgeable, and very sincere. He always kept his client’s best interest in mind and fought successfully for a fair outcome. I truly hope that I don’t have to involve myself in a criminal matter for myself or a family member or friend. But, if I do, I would surely contact Mr. Swindle for his expert opinion anytime. Hence, it is without any reservation or hesitation that I would highly recommend Mr. Swindle.”

Charles is one of the most brilliant men I have ever met. He is the former CEO of Carrollton Orthopedic Clinic. He currently serves as the CEO for another large medical practice.

Wes Griffin

“Jason is a passionate, articulate attorney who is committed to excellence and integrity. He pours his mind and heart into every case. I highly recommend him.”

Wes is the CEO if International Leadership Institute (ILI). He is one of the most dedicated Christian men I have ever met. He is a pretty good hunting buddy as well.

Officer Sherry Hosey

“I endorse Jason Swindle in the area of criminal trial practice.”

Officer Hosey is the crime scene expert at the Carrollton Police Department.

Officer Daniel Keever

“I fully endorse Mr. Swindle in the areas of criminal defense, criminal law, and criminal procedure.”

Officer Keever is a veteran police officer serving our communty at the Carrollton Police Department

Cathy Joyce

“I am a part owner of Free at Last Bonding. I have personally witnessed Mr. Swindle in and out of court. I am very impressed with his high level of character and skills in the field of criminal defense.”

T. Michael Flinn

“I endorse this lawyer’s criminal defense practice. Jason is hard working, conscientious, and has a knack for resolving difficult situations. Jason is a fine criminal defense attorney.”

A lifelong resident of Carrollton, GA, Michael is a well respected civil and consumer law attorney. Michael also serves as the DFCS attorney for Carroll County.

Bill Shelton

“As a bondsman, I see many criminal defense attorneys and get feedback from my own clients. Based on my own observations, Jason is a talented, ethical, and very successful criminal defense attorney.”

Lt. Ricky Rayburn

“I have known Jason for a number of years and endorse him in the area of criminal defense and criminal law.”

Lt. Ricky Rayburn is a well respected and long time public servant at the Carrollton Police Department

Gregg Ledbetter

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Jason Swindle to anyone in need of inspired counsel. I know that Jason offered suggestions to me that come from thoughtful prayer and meditation. ‎He is an important person on my list of good friends.

I also know that Jason prepares very carefully in order to give his legal clients the best representation possible. He has repeatedly told me of his concern for his clients and of his use of the best outside resources.

It is without reservation that I recommend Jason to anyone with legal challenges that fall within his scope of concentration.”

Gregg is a good friend and the owner of Gregg Ledbetter Construction in Carrollton, GA.

The Art of War


The lawyers at Swindle Law Group are trained to adhere to the principles and truths outlined by Sun Tzu in his book, The Art of War.

Today, the teachings of Sun Tzu are studied and successfully implemented in military affairs, business, sports, diplomacy, personal lives, and the practice of law.





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