The state of Illinois has some of the most pleasant people you will ever meet in your lifetime. Southern and rural Illinois is gorgeous with its rolling farmlands and deciduous forests. Illinois also has some of the best deer hunting in the world.

But there is a darker side to the state that boasts four former governors who are convicted felons; with two out of the last three serving prison time for corruption related crimes. Modern political leaders from the state of Illinois are and have been obsessed with violating the Constitutional rights of their citizens. This is particularly true regarding the 2nd Amendment.

To prove this point, you only have to look at a new law signed last week by Governor Pat Quinn. Under the new law, gun owners will have to report missing firearms to police and check the background of potential buyers.

To justify this measure, Quinn said the law will make it easier to recover stolen weapons and help ensure that only responsible people buy firearms. The measure passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly with healthy majorities. Not surprising.

“It’s going to help our law enforcement,” the Democratic governor said. “It’s going to help all of us be safe.”

Starting immediately, gun owners whose weapons are lost or stolen will have 72 hours to notify police. And beginning Jan. 1, individual gun owners will have to contact the Illinois State Police before selling a weapon or transferring ownership to ensure that the purchaser is allowed to have a gun. (For example, I would have to call the State Police before giving my son his first shotgun).

Quinn said the legislation closes a loophole in the state’s gun laws, which previously required gun show merchants and licensed firearms dealers — but not private sellers — to check that the customer had a valid firearm owner’s identification card. Under the new law, private sellers must contact state police, who will then search records and determine the prospective buyer’s eligibility.

According to the governor’s office, Illinois joins seven other states and the District of Columbia in requiring gun owners report missing firearms to law enforcement.

The governor, speaking less than 7 miles from the Indiana border, addressed whether the new restrictions could push transactions illegal in Illinois across state lines.

“It’s really important that we have a federal” measure that would monitor guns nationwide, Quinn said, “but you’ve got to start somewhere.”

Well, that really sums it up; a national database for the federal government to monitor your guns.
Karl Marx and other Soviet styled communists would love the idea.