I hope that it is still well known across the country that our laws, Constitution, and framework of government were built on Judeo-Christian principles. This is a fact that is not subject to debate.
Our country was also created out of the idea of religious freedom. Our Founders and those who came with them knew all too well the bloodshed and wars fought in Europe for years after the Protestant Reformation. These early settlers wanted to move to a new land where they could practice their religion without the fear of death.

You will see these religious ideas spread from the Constitution itself to cases that come before various courts today. The bottom line is that we, as Americans, enjoy a freedom that would get people killed in m any places in the world today. Freedom to worship your own God.

I am a Protestant Christian. So, this column will naturally flow with a bent toward Christianity and Jesus Christ. However, other religions and ways of worship are protected under the Constitution as well.

For years I took this religious freedom for granted. It was not until I delved into world history that I realized how lucky I was as an American to enjoy this and the many other freedoms afforded our countrymen.

In 2008, my father and I started a men’s Bible study called Pathfinders. In many ways, that changed my life. For so many years, I would call myself a Christian, but had no personal relationship with my higher power who is Jesus Christ.

I felt like I had to and could do everything on my own. I did not need anyone’s help. I surely did not need the help of the God of my own religion. As the old saying goes, I wanted to “drive the bus on my own.”

That attitude changed significantly when I went through an immense personal struggle in early 2008. For the first time, I felt as though I could not control the bus. I was right. Only a higher power could do that for me.

Six years later, at the age of 40, I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Is this because I live a perfect life devoid of problems? No. In fact, I have seen my share of problems, challenges, and disappointments in the last six years. The only difference is that I have given my life to God for Him to do with it what He pleases.

Am I successful in this endeavor every day? Far from it. I constantly try to take back the control in my life, I behave in a manner that is not pursuant to God’s will, and I make mistakes. This is because I am still human and still a sinner.

But, He forgives me. He doesn’t forgive because I deserve it. He forgives me because of His omnipotent and everlasting grace.

As I write this column, I have just finished communing with Jesus. I have asked Him to gain knowledge of His will for me and for the power to carry out His will just for today. At the end of the day, He will let me know how well I did.

I normally do not write columns on purely religious subjects. And actually, this one is not purely religious. It is more spiritual in nature.

I encourage the people in my community who believe they are doing well on their own and those who suffering to give your life to your Higher Power. No one is perfect in this endeavor. But, when you realize that he is in control of everything and you are in control of very little, a peace that cannot be described will flow across your soul.
Seek your Higher power.