Recently, a DeKalb Co. judge declared a mistrial in a criminal case where four defendants were trespassing outside of a foreclosed home in Avondale Estates. I would normally feel good about hearing of such a victory for the defense team. However, this case unfortunately illustrates blatant disregard for the law and the extreme shift to the left in many of our citizens in this country.

When I read this column in the Fulton County Daily Report, I was shocked by the quote from one of the defense lawyers in the case. He said “this is a victory, our clients were not convicted and will remain free to continue in the fight for economic and social justice. As a legal team, we have been inspired by our clients’ courage.”

I don’t know all of the details of the case. However, I cannot begin to understand how breaking the law and being arrested by law enforcement officers is somehow “courageous.” If anything, it sets a terrible example for the young people in our community.

In the DeKalb Co. case, economic and social justice, rather than representing the clients to the best of their ability, seems to be the underlying battle for the defense attorneys. This is disappointing at best.

Social and economic justice seem like very nice words. However, they are actually code words for communism and/or socialism.

Social justice became a worldwide phenomenon toward the end of World War I. German military commanders were engaged in a two front war. The trench warfare seemed to be endless. Germany also had to fight a difficult opponent from the East; Russia.

Instead of continuing conventional warfare in the East, German intelligence decided to attack Russia from within by created the most deadly, evil, and inhumane form of a military solution.

The Kaiser contacted Vladimir Lenin, who was a Russian communist in exile, and gave him the money, people, and weapons to return to Russia and start a revolution. Within months, the Russian government was overthrown, the royal family murdered, and the newly created Soviet Union had withdrawn from World War I.

For many years the growth of communism and socialism would kill millions of people, destroy once proud nations, and cost democracies and republics across the world a tremendous amount of money to battle this worldwide cancer.
While President Reagan delivered the near fatal blow to communism with the collapse of the Soviet Union, there are still many communist and socialists living around the world and even here in America.

So, instead of using ugly words like communism and socialism, those on the far left talk about the noble values of social and economic justice.

Well, what do you think about governments taking property from some individuals and giving it to others? What about punitive federal income taxes? What about living in a much more secularized society? What about living in a country where every industry is run by a large central government? What about having to act or say the rights things in public in order to be safe from governmental punishment? What about living in a state where some laws must be obeyed and others do not?

These are just some of the circumstances that social and economic justice will bring to the United States of America.