The idea of a superhero brings to mind famous military commanders, knights in shining armor, and men and women who put their lives at risk to save others for no reward of any kind. The idea also brings to mind mythical heroes like Superman, Hercules, and Beowulf.

However, based on my experience, real superheroes exist among us in everyday life.

To illustrate this, I am going to use a tool that is commonly practiced by Tommy Greer in his sermons, oral argument, and other public speaking opportunities; the lyrics of song. While I am not as gifted as Tommy in this way, this particular song may assist me in this column.

“The Script” wrote a song called “Superheroes.” This song points out the true nature of embattled superheroes in our community.

“Superheroes” begins with the story of two children who come from very rough beginnings. The song describes the development of a young boy. “All his life he’s been told he’ll be nothing when he’s old. He won’t ever let it show. He’s stronger than you know. A heart of steel starts to grow.”

The rest of the song goes on, “When you’ve been fighting for it all your life, you’ve been struggling to make things right, that’s how a superhero learns to fly.”

As the song portrays, superheroes begin their journey as small children. While many children in our community are blessed in so many ways that their childhood is seemingly without much difficulty, appearances are very deceiving.

I have also clearly seen the abuse, neglect, hate, and fear that infiltrates the lives of kids right here in west Georgia. A life of unpursued dreams, wasted talent, and even destruction can come from children from both backgrounds.

Superheroes push through whatever circumstances present themselves at a young age and throughout adulthood. As the song goes, “a heart of steel starts to grow.”

As a superhero learns to fly, his or her difficulties can actually push liftoff.

The special needs child overcomes her life barriers. That child battles and overcomes those who would place artificial barriers in her way. The child does not allow society to determine what she will or will not be. She becomes a lawyer who specializes in the advocacy for the people without a voice; those with special needs and disabilities.

The young boy is told by his father all his life that he will amount to nothing. The boy knows nothing of love; only that of fear and hate. After struggles with addiction and mental health issues, he turns that fear into hope. His flight will take him on the path of the family and addiction counselor. With God’s direction, he will save many lives throughout a career that was borne of deep seeded anger and fear.
The little girl is a victim of sexual assault. She will never be the same. Her entire childhood is destroyed by a monster who haunts her dreams. With intense therapy, a caring family, and God’s love, the little girl recovers. She does not allow the monster to dictate the terms of her life. Years pass. That little girl dedicates her life to seeking justices for other victims. She becomes a gifted advocate for victims of crime. She will positively affect the lives of more battered victims than she will ever even realize.

The poor student who is shunned by his schoolmates because of his race develops a great sense of rage. With the help of excellent mentors placed before him by God, that student turns his rage into a lifelong career of public service. After continued criticism and verbal abuse because his political views “do not fit his racial background”, he will overcome the evil that surrounds him and become a United States Supreme Court Justice.

These are your true superheroes.

They are here in our community and exist across the world. Oftentimes, you can sense a hero by just being in their presence.

Superheroes do not place arbitrary limits on themselves, do not allow others to “hold them back”, and do not allow the circumstances of their upbringing to interfere with the development of a “heart of steel” and “the flight of their life.”

Encourage a child today to find and pursue God’s purpose for him.

Nothing pleases God more than to see His children take flight and become superheroes.