It is sad, frustrating, and annual that most people, including me, cannot keep their New Year’s Resolution(s). People have, for example, been determined to quit eating sugar, get more exercise, quit smoking, or make other changes to personal, spiritual, and professional lives at the first of every year.
Yet, this determination wanes as life itself happens and time goes on.
Some people are successful for varying reasons. Some are successful for a short period. Others change the definition of “success” as winter turns into spring.
There are countless suggestions regarding how to make and keep these resolutions. I am not aware of any that work.
As usual, I did not follow through on my three 2016 Resolutions. Those three would be the last resolutions for me.
New Year’s Resolutions are just a way to better ourselves and those around us. They give us hope that in 12 months, we will be healthier, wealthier, a better worker, father, etc.
That is a good thing. But, for me, I cannot change without God.
The main reason that my Resolutions have failed is because I am just stubborn. I decided what they should be, when they should happen, and naturally tried to rely on my own human power to accomplish them.
I know that seeking God’s will, not my own, is my mandate. But, putting this into practice is challenging. This is because “I want to drive the bus.” I want to make the decisions. I want to be in control.
Those human character defects only distance me from God and quicken the failure of “resolution.” Additionally, despite the enormous technological advances in the last 50 years, human power alone is very weak. If I let Him, God will do for me what I cannot do for myself.
So, in 2017, I will ask that stubbornness be put aside and seek God for His guidance and for the power to carry out His will. This does not mean that I will sit back and just let things happen. Just the opposite. I am excited about the new opportunities ahead and will ask for fortitude to fiercely face challenges.
Since New Year’s Resolutions no longer exist, the beginning of the year will become a time to reflect on the previous year (good and bad), honestly analyze how well I followed directions, pray about making necessary changes, and moving forward with His blessing.
One last thing about the old relic of resolutions. They are premised on perfection. If you eat the sugar cookie or skip going to the gym on Wednesday, then you have permanently failed.
Nonsense. I succeed and fail every day; usually before noon. Failure is a natural part of life, a potential growing experience that almost always strengthens us. The only thing that matters when we fail is the next decision. Do I get up and face the failure or stay on the ground and bleed?
The man on the ground is paralyzed by fear and will choose his own way. The man who gets up does so by God picking him up. (Or with me sometimes, kicking me up). After the failure, knowledge, wisdom, and strength are gained.
2016 is now at a close. I am grateful for the blessings that God has bestowed on me, my family, my friends, and my firm. Today, which is January 1, 2017, I am looking ahead to fulfill His will for me. While I will naturally try to run my own course, I pray that I will have the strength this year to get in the passenger seat of the bus while God drives.

Pursue your God inspired dreams in 2017. Whether this involves business goals, public service, furthering your education, being a better father, starting a new business, or tackling those personal character defects that have held you back for so many years.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year! God Bless.