August 16, 1976 – Carrollton, GA.
After playing outside in the heat of the summer, I went inside to ask my parents whether I could stay up to watch “Mr. Reagan.” I was three years old. I went into the living room, sat on the couch, and watched what I would later learn to be Ronald Reagan’s concession speech as he lost by a little more than 100 votes to Gerald Ford; who would
be the 1976 Republican nominee for POTUS.
Since that night, I became intrigued with politics.
In just a few days, Georgians will elect several public servants. However, there is one race that
will have a critical effect on the Peach State; the gubernatorial election.
Voting records, political philosophy, the identity of donors, and whether donors have ties to our state tell us more about a candidate than who “won” a debate.
Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) is running against Stacey Abrams (D), the former House minority leader. Politically, they could not be any different.
While I fully endorse Brian Kemp, I would be remiss in not sharing that I had lunch with Abrams last year. We discussed Carrollton, our backgrounds, and the speech she was about to give. We did not discuss a single political issue the entire day. I found her to be one of the most
intelligent, charming, and driven people I have met.
While there are hundreds of issues affecting our state, below are the four cornerstones that will either provide the foundation for a healthy Georgia or the crumbling of the capital of the South:

1. Taxes/Spending – Kemp, a businessman, will focus on spending money that is necessary,like increased teacher pay, while eliminating wasteful and/or arbitrary spending. He will cut state income taxes and put financial stewardship at the forefront. Abrams changed angles on an earlier position that she would reverse a state income tax cut. Today, she supports tax credits for
lower-income families, expanding Medicaid, new scholarships, and tax credits for child care.

2. 2nd Amendment – Brian Kemp opposes new gun restrictions and backs “constitutional carry,”
which would let gun owners conceal and carry handguns without a permit. He proposed a sales tax holiday for guns and ammunition. Kemp also wants to end some of the most dangerous “gun-free” zones. Abrams supports stricter gun laws, including universal background checks
for private sales of firearms and a repeal of the “campus carry” legislation that allows permit holders, like me, to carry weapons on college campuses.

3. Criminal Justice – Kemp clearly points out that verified gang affiliated violence is a public safety crisis and plans to create a new unit in the state attorney general’s office devoted to fighting the crime. He will continue the bipartisan reforms that have been a large part of Governor Deal’s legacy. Abrams wants to eliminate the use of cash bail for some poor defendants, backs taking steps to decriminalize marijuana, expanding accountability courts and ending capital punishment.
BENEFITS GEORGIA – Kemp and Abrams

4. Illegal Immigration – Kemp will propose creating a database for tracking illegal immigrants with criminal convictions and for speeding up their deportations. Abrams opposes legislation that could harm “immigrant and refugee communities.”

Like most things in life, supporters tell us about a person more than any words.

Kemp Supporters:
President Trump
V.P. Pence
GA Farmers
Republican Leaders in GA
GA Gov. Nathan Deal
National Federation of Independent Businesses
Police Benevolent Org. of GA

Abrams Supporters:
Planned Parenthood
AFL-CIO-Labor Unions
Past Pres. Obama
George Soros
Hilary Clinton
Large groups in California
Large groups in New York

Which groups of supporters reflect the values of the citizens of this great state?
Remember, elections have consequences. This is a very close race. VOTE. Jason W. Swindle, Sr.