There is nothing more disturbing to watch than a good person simply give up. Some clients have already given up all hope when they enter the conference room. They will never admit such. But, their body language tells another story.

What we don’t realize is that we are all human and cannot perfect out our lives. However, we can live each day to the best of our ability while seeking God’s will.

That said, when life is tough, giving up always seems like the easiest option. 

Why? Well, when there is no end in sight, some people will stay on the ground. When doing this, we do not have to face the people, consequences, or untruths. We simply put our head in the sand.

In reality, when we feel like giving up, there is a tremendous amount of untapped inner strength inside of us that we probably haven’t even realized. That is why when we are in a “dark place” it can help to remind us of our strengths and our potential so that we can overcome the negativity that slips into our minds.

Believe In Dreams: Would we give up on our family or children? Then why would we give up on ourselves? Our dreams are worth more than that. If we can dream it, we can do it. Period.
Take the example of the Wright brothers who faced severe ridicule when they tried to make “flight” a reality. Everybody laughed at them and told them it was impossible. They proved the world wrong, and now flight and airplanes are considered a common means of travel and warfare. If they gave up on their dreams, we would still be taking ships across the vast oceans.

Make Dreams Real: Everything we need to reach our goal is already within us. Be thankful for our God-given capabilities and strive for success. We have all the tools inside of us to persevere and keep going. Do you think great minds like Ronald Reagan, Steve Jobs, or FDR never dealt with anxiety or difficulties? They absolutely did and their legacies were built only after they persevered, pushed through terrible times, and refused to give up.
True failure isn’t when you miss the mark, but it’s when you give up. Quitting illustrates how cowards and weak people respond to adversity.

You Must Inspire Others: Who is your biggest role model? Now imagine their life. Doesn’t it seem like they have everything put together and that their life is all in order… Well, this is completely false. Most of our role models are under a huge amount of stress and anxiety.
For example, when one of my role models opened up about his battle with depression and anxiety, some people were shocked. How could this person, competing at the highest level in the world feel any pain? All of us are human and all of us have our own demons and battles. The man with depression isn’t any different than me and you.

The Butterfly Effect: When that dark feeling of giving up begins to swell, remember that someone out there is looking up to us. So, we might feel weak, we might feel overwhelmed, but when life is tough, we must keep going because we are teaching those looking up to us how to properly react when they are tested with difficulties in their life. 
Refuse to give up and take charge. You never know who is watching. Your hard work and dedication could be the spark that was needed to light the dreams of those around you.

However, none of the above can be accomplish on our own. If we are to be successful influencing others in a positive way, we must hand it over to God.

Some people will always give up. Some people will never give up.

Americans simply do not give up!