“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” – Herschel Walker –

October 15, 1991 – The United States Senate voted to confirm Georgia’s Clarence Thomas as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. In all, Thomas won with the support of 41 Republicans and 11 Democrats, while 46 Democrats and 2 Republicans voted to reject his nomination. Those who opposed him did not want to see a conservative black man seated on the highest court in the land. The current president of the United States led the effort to derail Thomas after promising him a “fair hearing.” Mr. Biden is from Delaware. His home state has a small population of black citizens; 22 percent. The black population in Georgia currently stands at 35 percent.

Biden lied to Thomas and launched an attack of lies during the confirmation process. But he, Ted Kennedy, and 46 other liberal Democrats failed. Thomas was confirmed and still serves his country on the Court.

July 17, 2022 – 30 years later, Mr. Biden, George Soros, and other extreme left partisans across the country and overseas seek to ensure that another conservative black man does not succeed. These partisans are afraid of Herschel Walker and will do anything to discredit him in hopes of losing the U.S. Senate race against Raphael Warnock.

These candidates are polar opposites. Walker is a strong Christian man who freely acknowledges his past. Warnock, who is a Christian minister, is also self righteous, condescending, and refuses to come to terms with his own past.

Liberals view Walker as inarticulate, a rookie at politics, and a threat to the temporary control of the Senate by Democrats.

However, Republicans are firmly standing behind Walker, the football star, whose charitable work in the community far surpasses the majority of U.S. Senators.

Left wing media organizations constantly assert that he has blundered through an array of missteps and question his fitness for the office. Yet, these organizations do not mention that our current president is clearly suffering from dementia and refuse to report on his past.

Herschel visited west Georgia earlier this year in my home. He did not have prepared speeches, was not dressed in an expensive suit with cufflinks, nor showed an ounce of weakness. He told the crowd that he was not perfect. He also laid out his vision for the healing of America without using Teleprompters or speech writers. He spoke from the heart of a man who was taught ethics and values that were instilled in him as a child in rural Johnson Co., Georgia.

Walker easily won the GOP primary. But, a tougher general election looms in November. Warnock has a significant war chest, is very intelligent, and has the backing of our current socialist movement in America.
However, voters have been inundated with career politicians who do not speak from their heart. Voters are also weary of the negative messages that politicians launch toward their opponents. Americans want to see a truly authentic leader who is plain spoken, has proudly overcome adversity, and does not hide from his or her past.

Recent polling and Las Vegas (which is actually more accurate) shows a tight race between the candidates.

Mallory Blount, a spokeswoman for Walker, said, “Attacks on our campaign aren’t new and I’m sure we will see more. What else can Sen. Warnock talk about? Gas prices? Inflation? Crime? Accomplishments? Nope. The fact is Warnock cares more about Joe Biden than he does Georgia — he’s gone Washington and left Georgia behind.”

Our citizens are very confident that Herschel Walker will become Georgia’s junior senator. Recently, at an event hosted by Walker’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, voters characterized the negative coverage by the press and Warnock little more than political distractions.

It is common knowledge within the world of politics that desperation leads to negative campaigning.

Ronel Saintvil, a black man who lives in Atlanta, described the campaign perfectly. Saintvil said, “He is a man. He’s doing right by his family. He’s doing right by the community. To me, for somebody just to bad mouth him like this, I don’t believe it’s right. They’re not focusing on the issues at hand that affect the people in Georgia. And I think that’s what’s more important.”

Perhaps the most important pledge that Herschel has given to the people of Georgia is that he is committed to bringing together a nation that is bitterly divided.

When he is elected in November, he will follow through on that commitment.

But, he cannot do this without our vote. Please join me in electing the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Georgia; Herschel Walker.