“Much fear I sense in you.” – Yoda speaking to a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. –

Anakin is a small boy who was born into slavery. He loves his mother and promises he will free her. His attachment to his mother will later unleash the rage that he keeps deep in his heart.

When two Jedi Knights come into contact with this boy, they sense and confirm that he possesses powers that are so great he is considered to be “The Chosen One” who will bring balance to “the force.” This means that he was to fulfill a prophecy where he will destroy the “dark side” of the force.

The boy’s powers become stronger as he begins his training. He is dedicated to becoming the greatest of all Jedi. By the time that he is 20 years old, his powers have surpassed almost every Jedi. But, his fear grows every day.

His attachment to his mother and the nightmares of her death haunt him.

Later, his mother is kidnapped, abused, and eventually dies. Anakin sensed her pain and rushed to save her. He was too late. He will blame himself for her death for the rest of his life.

This is the first time that his anger is unleashed. He kills every single individual who is in the camp where his mother was abused and died. This will change him forever.

When he returns to meet Padme, who he loves in a romantic way, his fear quickly turns to anger and then hate. He tells her of the slaughter and that he hates them as a tear drops from his right eye.

His intense need for power, attachment, and control begins his path to darkness. He buries his mother and promises that he will never fail again.

As Anakin and Padme become closer, she reveals that she is pregnant. Physical attachments are not allowed in the Jedi Order. But, Anakin’s passion blinds him to this danger. They are in love.

Anakin’s dreams return. This time, the visions are of the death of Padme during childbirth. As his fear, anger and hate begin to take over the good man known as Anakin, he promises Padme that he will not allow these visions to become true. He has been told that he can achieve a power to save her life.

It was a lie.

He was seduced and mislead by the evil Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine sensed Anakin’s power when he was a small boy. He befriended him and became a father figure for him so that Palpatine could gain more power.

When Anakin saved Palpatine’s life by killing a powerful Jedi who attacked Palpatine, his turn to the dark side was irreversible. The boy, who was conflicted from birth, would be known as Darth Vader. The kind and loving boy becomes twisted and evil. He hunts down and destroys anyone and anything in his way.

When confronted by his old mentor, Vader initiates a battle. The battle is fierce. Vader’s hate blinds him. From below, he tries to jump onto the high ground and kill his mentor.

This reckless move will cost him his limbs, deform him, and scar his lungs and other internal organs. He is so injured that he must wear a black suit of armor to survive. It will be years before his son takes off his mask.

As Vader rises from the operation table, he realizes that his love, Padme, is dead.

His turn to the dark side is complete.

His ambitions are to instill fear, search for his son, and his former mentor. He will succeed in all three goals.

While Vader considered his former self, Anakin Skywalker, to be dead and weak, he could not suppress the good in him.

When his son, Luke, surrenders to his father, Vader tells him that it is too late for him to let go of his hate. This proves to be untrue when the Emperor tries to kill Luke. Vader cannot see his son dying and kills the Emperor.

But, Vader is mortally wounded by doing so. Luke wants to save him from death. His father says that nothing can prevent that now. He just wants to look at his son with his own eyes. Luke takes his father’s black mask off and for a moment he looks into the eyes of his father, Anakin Skywalker.

Luke says, “I must save you, Father.”

Anakin responds by saying, “you already have.”