Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out. Hey, I will stand my ground and I won’t back down.No, I won’t back down. Tom Petty – Johnny Cash –

Most people were born with the virtue of courage. It has been said that those born with courage still have fear. It is their ability to overcome fear that defines them.

The courageous can overcome obstacles, look fear in the eye, and endure hardships because of inner strength. When we have courage, we are unstoppable, able to accomplish amazing things, and conquer challenges that appear insurmountable. It is a quality that throughout history has motivated numerous people to stand up for what they are passionate about, pursue justice, and have a positive impact on the world.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and inclined to give up when faced with uncertainty and injustice. Unwavering courage, on the other hand, forbids giving in to such pressures. The courageous are cognizant of the ups and downs that make up life’s journey, and they make the conscious decision to face their obstacles head-on because it strengthens them.

Courage works like a muscle; getting stronger the more it is used. We develop resiliency and toughness every time we confront a challenge and take decisive action. As we proceed, we begin to see that we are far more capable than we first thought, and this newfound assurance encourages us to move forward.

When faced with difficulty, courage can act as a compass by providing direction and motivation. It serves as a reminder that countless people have overcome obstacles much greater than what we are facing today.

The courageous tales that have been passed down through the decades also serve as a reminder of the inner power that most of us possess and an inspiration to tackle our own problems with God as our leader.

In order to maintain courage, it is essential to surround ourselves with a strong group of people who inspire and support us during times of difficulty. The inspiration needed to continue on the path of courage can be found in the company of people who are willing to join us when we encounter adversity.

True courage gives us the confidence to confront our adversaries, stand our ground, fight for other people when they cannot fight for themselves, and go beyond the limits of our potential.

This will always influence our lives and the lives of others for the better.

My office has a “war room.” It is a place where we meet with clients. 99 percent of those clients and family members are suffering. Thousands of tears have been shed in that room over the years.

Yet, even though our culture suggests that the strongest are stoic, have little emotions, and appear to be fearless, I have learned that tears do not equate to cowardice. Most of the time, those tears are a sign of strength and courage.

I once knew two famers when I was a boy. They lived in a rural county and survived on the success of their soybean, corn, and cotton crops coupled with reasonable property taxes.

When taxes were doubled on their lands, the farmers each had a different approach.

The first farmer was afraid to tangle with the county, paid the exorbitant taxes with the profits from his crops, and eventually went bankrupt.

The second farmer was afraid as well. He wept the day he found out that his farm was in peril. But, his faith was bigger than his fear. He clearly saw the injustice, appealed his tax assessment, and convinced others to do the same. His courage to stand his ground when it was dangerous not only significantly cut his taxes. The taxes of the other hard working farmers who joined him had their taxes cut too.

A woman I once knew had been convinced that her mother and step-father cared deeply for her and her children. She was naïve. When she was faced with divorce, her mother and step-father abandoned her and took her ex-husband into their home. They also tried to alienate the children from her.

Some parents would accept defeat and move on with their lives. She refused. Instead, she fought for her children.

Today, those children are healthy and thriving. A mother’s courage saved her children from people who would seek to fill their lives with criminal activity, unethical behavior, laziness, greed, and many other character defects. There are millions of examples of people who chose to make their faith greater than their fear.

Let’s not ever allow our courage to be forgotten since it is what lights the flame of greatness within us. We can accept it, nurture it, and let it lead us to a future that is full of meaning and fulfillment.

Let’s stand our ground.