“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine –

President Donald Trump is not exactly a southern gentleman. His character was forged by his father at a very young age. He was taught how to survive and thrive in this world. He is rude, lacks a verbal filter, and very much different from the greatest president in history; Ronald Wilson Reagan.

I cannot imagine the burden that his lawyers have faced. Most of them were fired or wished that they were fired. He is just not a pleasant man to be around.

But, for four years, President Trump let the world know that no one would threaten our country or our people. He led us throughout an economic boom and gave America hope for a better future. While he was no Reagan, I enthusiastically voted for him twice.

Trump has plenty of enemies. But, those enemies should not be sitting on a bench with a black robe.

The role of a judge is rather simple. They are public servants who swear an oath to be impartial and to uphold the Constitution in all judicial proceedings.

That role seems to have been forgotten by Attorney General Merrick Garland, some members of Congress, and a few federal judges. They are more interested in vengeance.

One of many examples involves a federal judge in Washington, D.C. who denied President Trump’s claim of presidential immunity and ruled against his request to drop charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights regarding an alleged incident from January 6, 2021.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the District of Columbia responded to Trump’s unambiguous truth that the Constitution grants him “absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions performed within the ‘outer perimeter’ of his official responsibility.” She wrote that he doesn’t have a “lifelong get-out-of-jail-free pass. Former Presidents enjoy no special conditions on their federal criminal liability. Defendants may be subject to federal investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, and punishment for any criminal acts undertaken while in office.”

She went further by saying that the First Amendment doesn’t protect speech that’s used “as an instrument of a crime.”

Does that sound like a fair and impartial judge or someone who has already judged the case?

Judge Chutkan and Attorney General Garland could use a refresher course on Constitutional law.

Garland has not been able to let go of his hate since Trump wisely ensured that Garland would not become one of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices who are appointed and serve until they resign, are impeached and convicted, or pass away.

Worse, Sri Srinivasan, the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, wrote in the court’s opinion that “the district court largely rejected his claim of immunity, and President Trump now appeals. The sole issue before us is whether President Trump has demonstrated an entitlement to official-act immunity for his actions leading up to and on January 6 as alleged in the complaints. “We answer no, at least at this state of the proceedings.” The time being? No one even knows what that means.

Trump’s enemies continue to try and destroy bedrock constitutional principles and set dangerous precedents that would cripple future presidential administrations and our country.

But, politically motivated prosecutions have been a part of Washington culture since Democrat President Andrew Johnson barely escaped conviction in the Senate based on articles of impeachment brought by the House of Representatives in 1868. Fortunately, he was rightly acquitted by the Senate.

Both Democrats and Republicans have engaged in political prosecutions when they have occupied the executive branch, controlled Congress, or the judiciary. It is shameful.

I do not mean that all prosecutions of public officials over the last 100 plus years have been wrongful, illegal, or politically motivated. Many former public servants have been guilty of crimes and fairly punished.

However, in modern America, there is always a high profile Congressman, Senator, Judge, Attorney General, or other politician seeking to create baseless charges for some alleged crime by his or her political adversaries.

Trump’s enemies will not stand down. For years, they have tried everything from impeachment to indictment in order to “even the score” with Trump.

They have been and will continue to be unsuccessful. Soon, the citizenry will grow tired of politicians using our tax dollars to try to punish a former president who they just dislike.

There are always consequences when people take action with improper motives. Here, the consequences will surface at the voting booth.